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Dough Scraper

Handy, Multi-use

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Our beautiful wooden handled Hayden Flour Mills Dough scraper is an essential kitchen tool great for gently kneading bread and pasta dough or cleaning your work surface after baking.

It also works great to scoop chopped herbs and veggies from the cutting board to your stove top without dropping a single piece.

Size: 6 x 4 ¼ inches (blade width 3 inches)

Materials: Stainless steel and wood

Handle dough without sticking to your hands
Scooping flour back into dough
Flipping dough upside down
Cutting or portioning out dough
Slicing pasta
Scooping up chopped herbs and veggies
Clean up, scraping dough bits off your counter

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Complete Your Pantry

Good for People + Planet

Our desert home and love for not only our crops, but the flora and fauna that surround us, keep us committed to adopting sustainable practices that are better for both people and the planet, like operating a 100% solar-powered mill, planting low water use crops, and cultivating only non-GMO seeds.


From Our Family To Yours

What happens when you combine a father’s wild dream, and the ambition of a daughter? The dynamic co-owners and father daughter team behind Hayden Flour Mills, Jeff and Emma Zimmerman. Driven by the mission to bring back the forgotten flavor and goodness of heritage and ancient grains, their story is not only one rooted in agricultural history, but also family history.


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