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German Oat Flaker

Authentic, Sturdy, Easy-to-Use

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The best way to enjoy fresh oats is to flake them at home with this German Oat Flaker with stone roller. Simply fill the hopper with Raw Whole Groat Oats, turn the handle and out come flaked oats, which can be cooked up for oatmeal, granola or any baked good. This German Oat Flaker can also be used to flake other soft grains like Purple Barley

Start a new morning ritual. As the early morning sun peeks into your kitchen, awaken your senses with the sweet, gentle aroma of fresh flaked oats.

*All products labeled Gluten Free do not contain gluten naturally, but all Hayden Flour Mills products are milled in a facility that also mills wheat that contains gluten. Please take care and caution.

Flaking other soft grains like Purple Barley and Gazelle Rye
Baked Goods
Anything else you can dream up!
Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.73" x 9.65" x 7.29"
Length of the crank: 7.29"
Max height of bowl: 2.37"
Hopper Capacity: 150 grams
Flaking rate: 110 grams / minute
Materials: Beech wood, stone rollers, stainless steel chute
Counter clamp included.
Adjusting screws allow you to adjust the flake density to thin or thicker flakes.

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Good for People + Planet

Our desert home and love for not only our crops, but the flora and fauna that surround us, keep us committed to adopting sustainable practices that are better for both people and the planet, like operating a 100% solar-powered mill, planting low water use crops, and cultivating only non-GMO seeds.


From Our Family To Yours

What happens when you combine a father’s wild dream, and the ambition of a daughter? The dynamic co-owners and father daughter team behind Hayden Flour Mills, Jeff and Emma Zimmerman. Driven by the mission to bring back the forgotten flavor and goodness of heritage and ancient grains, their story is not only one rooted in agricultural history, but also family history.


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