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Discover the rich and nutty flavor of stone-milled heritage wheat.


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A stack of sweet, light, and fluffy pancakes is just minutes away.


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Freshly milled heirloom corn and heritage wheat combine to create a tasty tortilla with the perfect texture in our limited-edition blend.



Hayden Flour Mills is devoted to stone milling heritage and ancient grains. We believe they’re not only delicious, our nutrient-dense grains are better for both you and the planet. Freshly milled and packaged at peak freshness, our products celebrate the natural texture, aroma, and flavor of ancient and heritage grains - a taste you can only experience for yourself.



“Great flour to use when making your own pizza dough. Very easy to use. We made our pizza on the smoker grill and the crust was crisp but tender. Highly recommend!”

-Nancy S., Pizza Flour

“It was the best pancake mix I’ve ever had!”

-Samuel J., White Sonora Pancake Mix

“What a difference! It was a real treat making, baking, and eating sourdough made with this flour. It's a cut above.”

-Robert H., Proof Bread Heritage Flour Blend

“Beyond exceptional. Used this to replace my usual flour - this made a world of difference. I made a four generation old banana bread recipe, and this flour has put it over the top. I plan to use this for the rest of my days.”

-Chandra S., White Sonora All Purpose Flour

“This flour is my favorite. Nutty and sweetish. My starter goes nuts when fed by this.”

-Lisa K., Gazelle Rye Flour

“I am sensitive to gluten and was only able to eat sourdough bread. All other pastries and flour-related products needed to be gluten-free or I would get arthritic cramps and stomach issues. Hayden Flour Mills changed that. I now bake my favorite bakery items with their flour without any symptoms!”

-Andrea V., Artisan Bread Flour

“I love love love everything about Hayden, everything! From their superb quality and stupendous customer service. Every time l have reached out to them with any questions, they just make you feel as though you are family.”

-Marjan R., Purple Barley Pancake Mix

“This is a delicious polenta, with a great texture. It really doesn't need much other than a bit of butter and some salt to make it very tasty.”

-Gwen S., Yellow Corn Polenta

“The most delicate, flavorful oats I’ve ever had! Customer service was top notch too!”

-Erika M., Raw Heritage Cracked Oats

“I've been making bread for a few years now and thought I'd been making a decent sourdough, but holy cow! I just made a batch with the Artisan Bread Flour for the first time and it was out of the world. This is my new flour.”

-Emily M., Artisan Bread Flour

“FIVE STARS! That is just plain genius to blend the two tortilla mixes together, corn and wheat! Why hasn't anyone done this before? That is hands down the best of both worlds. Genius! Keep it up Hayden Flour Mills!”

-Lily W., Tortilla Flour Blend

“Hayden Mills is the best flour I have used in 50 years of baking.”

-Elizabeth J., White Sonora All Purpose Flour

From Our Table To Yours

We’re passionate about feeding the ones we love delicious dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. Get inspired for your next meal or baking project by browsing through our library of original recipes featuring our ancient and heritage grains.



Our Story

Hayden Flour Mills Co-owners, and father daughter team, Emma and Jeff Zimmerman

I was working towards a PhD in 2009 when my dad Jeff called to tell me about a big idea. If you know my dad, you know he’s a man full of big ideas, and this particular one - to restart a historic flour mill in my hometown of Tempe, Arizona - stuck. So much so, I left my PhD program to run what is now Hayden Flour Mills. It’s my dream job, all thanks to my dad’s wild dream come true.

We’ve spent the last decade reviving historic and forgotten grains, restoring rusty old mills, growing our crop from 30 acres to now over 400, and adopting practices that not only produce a more delicious end product, but are healthier for both people and the planet.

It’s our pleasure and passion to bring new life to ancient and heritage grains that are intriguing, nutritious, and most of all delicious, and to share them with you today.

With love, from our family to yours.

Emma Zimmerman
-Co-Owner, Hayden Flour Mills

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