Rye Beer Sourdough

Rye Beer Sourdough
Savor the rich flavor and goodness of this hearty whole grain Rye Beer Loaf. Whether you're a novice or an experienced sourdough baker, this recipe promises to win your heart and your taste buds (especially when you pair it with tangy cheddar cheese). For the Pale Ale, consider an added local touch with This Beer Saves Water by Arizona Wilderness Brewing.

What You'll Need


Kitchen Scale

Electric Mixer

Mixing Bowl

Dough Scraper

Tea Towel

(2) 9x5 Tin Loaf Pans



200 grams Bubbly Starter

460 grams Pale Ale Beer (we recommend This Beer Saves Water by Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. - read note below)

460 grams Buttermilk

920 grams Whole Rye Flour


Levain (see above)

174 grams Water

26 grams Molasses

50 grams Honey

Final Dough

374 gram Whole Rye Flour

26 grams Salt

NOTE: In this recipe, we recommend This Beer Saves Water, made by our local friends at Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. You can pick up cans from their taprooms in Gilbert or Downtown Phoenix, or find them at Arizona Sprouts at Whole Foods locations. The Pale Ale was crafted with drought-tolerant barley and hops, inspiring people to start thinking about how they can save water and support other businesses that are being proactive about sustainability. To read more about Hayden Flour Mills sustainable, water-saving practices, read this.


Desired dough temperature: 78º F

Prepare the levain. (8:00 pm - 8:00 am on evening of Day 1)

To make the levain, mix the levain ingredients in a medium sized bowl, covered for 12-14 hours (overnight) at room temperature (75-85º F).

Mix Dough (8:00 am on Day 2)

Place the slurry ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Mix together until a slurry is formed. Set aside.

In an electric mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment, combine the Whole Rye Flour, Salt and Slurry ingredients. Turn mixer on low and mix until fully incorporated. This dough will look loose and sticky, this is exactly what you want.

Final Rise, Buttering Tins (8:00 am - 12:00 noon on Day 2)

Butter two tin loaf pans.

With wet hands, divide the dough in two, grab each dough portion and pat it down into the prepared loaf pan. If it becomes sticky, wet your hands and continue patting it down. The dough should fill up to the 50-60% in volume. Repeat for the second loaf.

Place in a warm spot in the kitchen for 3 hours until doubled in size.(The warmer the spot you choose, the faster it will rise, the ideal temperature being 75-85º F.)

Bake (12:00 noon - 1:10 pm on Day 2)

Turn oven to 360º F.

Bake at 360º F for 30 minutes then turn oven down to 320º F and continue baking for an additional 40 minutes.

Once done, remove each loaf from its pan and place on cooling rack. Let “Cure” for 24 hours. The curing is important to set this bread.

Makes two loaves

Recipe contributed by A Sourdough Story

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